No time spent with your family is ever wasted.-- Don Donahoo

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kitsap County Fair

Last week we went to the local county fair. It was so fun! Lucy enjoyed looking at all the animals and watching all the people... but she definitely loved the greasy food! Like mother like daughter! For dinner we had hamburgers and fries, then we had some scones with jam, then to finish it all off, we all shared an elephant ear. Needless to say, I was up in the night puking!
We watched a hypnotist-which wasn't as good as others we have seen- and then there were these funny brothers who juggled and did different tricks. They were very funny and Ben loved them!! All in all we had a fun family outing! I love that Lucy is big enough to go out with us and partake of the fun things!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Working On The House... upstairs family room

I love our fireplace, but I am not a fan of the wood! And I really don't like white walls! So after a few coats of primer and paint we have an enjoyable place to sit and relax!


p.s. it is a little hard to see, but i got the coffee table at the thrift store for $1.50!

Working On The House... the kitchen


When we first went and looked at our house, I loved the kitchen! It isn't very big, but it is cute and plenty big enough for all my things! Another thing that attracted me was the big window that makes the kitchen so light. But i HATED the brown cupboards! SO... I did something about it and this is what I got!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Working on the House... bathroom


Things are coming along in the house, slowly but surely!! I have taken pictures of the bathroom upstairs, so that will be the first thing I post. It is amazing what a little paint will do to a room. The nice thing about doing this bathroom is that I used all the same decorations that I already had- which makes the transformation cheap! I spray painted the white light fixture brown and bought a new mirror at Ross.

More to come!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Where Have You Been??

Well, really, where have I been is a more appropriate question! It has been a long while since I have posted to the blog! Our New home takes up most of my time now, what with painting and decorating and keeping Lucy out of things, I haven't had an extra ounce of time!! But this weekend, Ben's parents are visiting so I am taking a break! Ben and his dad are working on tiling the downstairs bathroom and his mom and I are spending time chit-chatting and playing with Lucy! So I am going to make one super-post for now. There will be more to come of the house later!

Lucy went potty on the toilet for the first time!!

Lucy got a hand me down slide from the neighbor!
The Flowers that Ben got me for our 3rd Anniversary
making banana bread and enjoying the batter!
My Brother Matthew came to visit us for a few days and we went to Seattle to see the sights!
Lucy and her cousin, Hannah, having some home-made cotton candy!
Yum Yum!!
At the Boise Zoo
Dancing at the Zoo
Riding the giraffe

Our first meal at our new home- sandwiches!
Our little goaties that are clearing out the brush as we speak!
"No time spent with your family is ever wasted."
Don Donahoo