No time spent with your family is ever wasted.-- Don Donahoo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First trip to the Grocery store

Today was Me and the kids first trip to the grocery store. There is a small shopping complex about 3 minutes from our apartment that we can walk to pretty easily. There is a drugstore/ 100 yen store (like a dollar store) on the bottom floor and the top floor is a grocery store. I found a few essentials like milk and bread and some other non essentials like pepsi and ice cream. As I got to the check out to pay I couldn't find my wallet and started to panic. I thought for sure someone stole it from out of the bottom of the stroller as I was looking at different things trying to figure out what they were. My heart was pounding and I felt sick. But then I found it on top of the sunshade on the stroller. PHEW!! what a relief. Note to self: put wallet in a safe spot.

 ... just a cute picture of my little Jack all bundled up and ready to head to the store.


  1. Wow I didn't even know you guys were in Japan. That is awesome!! What a GREAT experience! I'm glad things are going fairly well. I'm excited to hear about more of your adventures. Have fun!! Love you guys!!

  2. Your apartment looks pretty nice. Good luck with that washer! :) Hope your having a blast and adjusting to the new time! :)

  3. Is it real yet that you are in JAPAN?!?!?!? Still can't believe it...Question: What is the weather like? Jack is all bundled up and other picts you guys are all in warm clothes...nerdy me thought Japan was a relatively warm place...??? Now you know-I mean KNOW what it's like in Japan!!! Live it up! Miss you guys and knowing you're a feasible distance away but am loving that you took this opportunity!!!


"No time spent with your family is ever wasted."
Don Donahoo