No time spent with your family is ever wasted.-- Don Donahoo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Ballerina

This year for Halloween, Lucy's first, we decided we would dress her as a ballerina! (because i had already made her a tutu like 6 months ago!) I think she liked her outfit and she sure looked cute! We didn't do any trick-or-treating, on account of getting our new puppy! But I don't think that Lucy minded one bit! And there is less candy around the house for me to eat!


  1. She looks ADORABLE!! She is a VERY cute ballerina! You did a GREAT job on her costume! I didn't even know that you started a blog until today I feel like I have been Brady deprived now!

  2. Woo-hoo!, I found your blog- it is cute!

    Oh my heavens Lucy is getting so big! She is absolutely adorable in her ballerina costume! It's is so much fun having a girl to dress up! :)

    It was nice to talk to you today and catch up. We can't wait to see you guys!

  3. Cute ballerina and cute puppy! Sounds like your little family is having so much fun! Let us know next time you come to Utah, we'd love to see you!


"No time spent with your family is ever wasted."
Don Donahoo